Fiume Arno e Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Fiume Arno e Ponte Vecchio, Firenze
I like to let you kwon some curiosity about Arno the Florence river.
The Arno River was one of the main competitors in the economic flourishing of Florence: it was a gateway for the Apennine timber and for trade. In addition, the river water served to make crafts and shopkeepers flourish. The Arno River is the most important and famous watercourse in Tuscany, one of the great symbols of Florence, and is also known thanks to Alessandro Manzoni who with his statement "Rinse the clothes in the Arno" made it a figurative symbol in the study of Italian literature.
The Arno gives Florence an incredible magic of reflections, creating an imaginary underwater city. How about photographing them with me? The silver reflections of the city in the waters of this wonderful river will give you fantastic images to show to friends and to keep as indelible memories.

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