Bridge Ponte Vecchio

Bridge Ponte Vecchio over Arno river in Florence, Italy
Ponte Vecchio is one of the most famous bridges in the world, crossed by thousands of people every day. The structure of Ponte Vecchio was innovative: composed of three large lowered arches, it surpassed for the first time in the West the Roman model of using round arches, which would not have been suitable for for this bridge because they required a large number of arches and consequently less stability in the event of a flood. The Rialto Bridge in Venice and many others were built on its model in the 16th century.
Photographing the Ponte Vecchio is an experience not to be missed, the pulsating life of Florence is right there. The beautiful goldsmith stores, the breathtaking view of the Arno river and the countless bridges crossing it, will make you take pictures of incredible beauty. Together we will look for innovative viewpoints, study the best light, practice long exposure, capture the most interesting details, and at the end of our tour you will feel proud of what you have shot. I'm waiting for you to book a photo tour with me, tailor-made for you.

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